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Planning Your Trip


  • 2 Car Garage

  • 1 King Bed with en-Suite Bathroom, Office, connected Patio

  • 1 Queen Bed of Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen open floor/plan w connected Hot Desk and Bathroom and main Patio

  • Open Floor Living/Dining Room/Kitchen, Kitchen faces view of Ocean

  • 2 Rec Passes / 1 Car Tag (for Parking in Sea Ranch anywhere other than Beach Access Parking) provided

  • On-Site Laundry

  • Ample Patio Seating provided

  • Sun Room facing private hillside and expansive ocean views.

  • Hot Tub facing private hillside and expansive ocean views.


  • Coffee / Tea provided (Organic coffee beans located in freezer drawer)

  • Drip Coffee Machine provided

  • Blender provided

  • Salad washer provided

  • Bring. your own oil/vinegar or make use of any items left by other guests

  • Spice Rack provided

  • Fully stocked dishes, cooking utensils, including Baking sheets

  • Bring your own Baking supplies (parchment or aluminum foil)

  • Dishwasher soap provided (needs to be unwrapped before putting in Dishwasher)


  • Bath Linen sets for 4 people provided, Bring your own Spa Towels

  • Bring your own bath wash, gel, shampoo/conditioner

  • Hand-soap provided

  • Hairdryer provided






  • Black Point Beach

  • Pebble Beach *15-20 walking distance*

  • Stengel Beach

  • Shell Beach

  • Walk on the Beach

  • Gualala Point Beach

All are gorgeous and sparsely populated on even the most popular days of the season.




  • Sea Ranch Lodge Restaurant and Cafe/Bar 

  • St. Orres

  • Two Fish at Stewart's Point

  • Timber Cove

  • Gualala Seafood and Shack

  • Vue Kitchen

  • Cove Azul Bar & Grill

  • Trink's Cafe





  • SURF Market

  • Gualala Supermarket









Download Sea Ranch Trail Map from here.


Please note a couple things (not presuming any of these will apply to you but we have had some guests not really fully understand the House Rules, so re-iterating most important ones below).  Many of these will also be detailed in the Guestbook located on the coffee table.



This is a Home in a Residential Neighborhood.  This is not a Hotel.  There are County, HOA, Home (utility) Services and Neighborly Rules that we, as Homeowners, are beholden to.  Hence, these ‘Tips’ are intended to help streamline your stay at “Seaward Bliss” to ensure it is not only enjoyable but is equally enjoyable to those guests who come immediately after you.  Simple etiquette regarding use of the same (i.e. Garbage space) within a week’s period, or use of the same features of the home that allowed you to book it with ease (i.e. Smart Home devices etc) simply makes for everyone remaining maximally Blissful at all times while staying at “Seaward Bliss”.  Thank you kindly.





2, as per listing. This is due to rules set forth by the HOA in keeping with renting responsibly.  Violations of this can result in fines by the HOA to us (and you).





(including children): 5, as per listing. This is due to rules set forth by the HOA in keeping with renting responsibly.  Violations of this can result in fines by the HOA to us (and you). All visitors and guests should be priorly disclosed to

Host (for liability reasons).





Your Code will only work as of 4PM as of time of Check In and will be disabled as of 11AM on day of Check-Out.  Cleaners also need the full amount of time to prepare the home for you and for the next Guests, so you must be cleared out of the home absolutely no later than 11AM on day of Check-Out. Please note Garbage Rules below at CHECK-OUT (pack up all garbage and place in respective bins as instructed).




You will receive a code at the time of your reservation with your Code.

Instructions to unlock: Rest fingers on lock until it lights up, enter code followed by checkmark ✅.  Door will unlock. 


Instructions to lock, rest fingers on lock. You will hear it lock.





Bins are located in Wooden Enclosure in Garage.  We pay for WALK-IN SERVICE, so trash just needs to be removed from the house and placed in the appropriate bins, Wooden Enclosure safely secured (from Raccoons) no later than Mondays 7am or at time of Check-Out.







Please ensure you let your dog out to pee/poop in a timely manner, and definitely before you retire in the evenings. Any dog urination found within the home following your stay will result in a $50 fee (to cover additional special cleaning required). 



Please refrain from allowing dogs up onto couch or beds unless you have a special blanket for them to use. 



Please don’t allow dog(s) to bark uncontrollably out of respect to quiet environment and neighbors.  



Make sure your dog remains on leash at all times, on trails and while walking in the community (HOA Rule).





Please clean up after your dog (we have had guests who have been lazy about this which is both disrespectful of the environment and other guests).  Poop that is found not picked up will result in a $25 fee by Cleaners following checkout. This includes your poop bags. Violation of this could also result in fines by the HOA on any land in the Sea Ranch.  If you notice dog poop that you are certain your dog is not responsible for, please do not hesitate to let us know.




The home’s central downtowns heater is set on a schedule which routinely will reset temperature for energy conservation purposes, as guests will otherwise tend to forget to turn it off, even when absent. Upstairs relies on wall heaters in bedroom and bathroom, though please remember to turn these off when you leave the house. Plenty of extra blankets are provided. 





Please remember to turn off all outdoor lights at night, especially the one outside the kitchen entrance. The HOA has strict rules around this so as to respect ‘night sky visibility’ (aka light pollution hindering visibility of the stars, which can otherwise be quite spectacular in Sea Ranch).





In order to avoid damages to the property which will be charged to you, please do not allow small children to be unsupervised.   No jumping on furniture or poofs.  Kindly refrain from allowing them to use markers, pens, crayons unless they are fully under your supervision.  We encourage games or interactive forms of entertainment that do not involve permanent markers. :) Also kindly ensure children do not move Art pieces around, as some pieces perform an important function (ie stabilize lamp bases)😊. 


If you feel the need to move anything around in order to baby-proof the home, please put it back as you found it when checking out. 





especially after using oils or lotion (ie after a massage).


as indicated in the Listing (there is not enough time between guests to accommodate extra laundry and we have no way of anticipating which Guests will be using the Hot Tub and which will not).  Also, water conservation is an HOA incentive.  Bath Towels are provided, however…



within Hot Tub Deck area allowed. 



Are between 7AM-9PM due to noise ordinance.  This is a serious matter in Sea Ranch. Feel free to add water if water levels seems to be falling below the bottom of the neck pillows.  Vendor recommends keeping water at this height.  Please remember to turn off lights and jets when exiting Hot Tub and return to 102 degrees. Thank you! (Please use hand on hard surface cover, not fabric, to pull/push open and closed).





The Sea Ranch is a ‘Zen-fully Quiet Community’.  Noise Ordinance Rules (no outside noise between the hours of 9PM-7AM). Citations can be upwards for $500-1000 (violation of HOA rules) and you will be held accountable for this.  (No playing music while in the Hot Tub, out of respect for the neighbors). Our motto is ‘enjoy the wildlife, watch out for the neighbors’.  We are committed to Renting Responsibly. This means we follow best-in-class guidelines to ensure you have a peaceful, safe and memorable stay with us. We use smart home technology to improve your experience. NoiseAware is a smart home device that measures volume levels throughout the property and allows us to respond to noise nuisances without disrupting your stay. NoiseAware is 100% privacy compliant and is required on this property. If you have any questions, please ask.





Cameras are present OUTSIDE ONLY (Garage & Front Door).  PLEASE NOTE: if you see the light go on it’s the motion sensor (automatic). It does not mean that you are being watched (we too have lives). The purpose of these cameras are to ensure right management of:

  • Garbage & Recycling (properly secured from wildlife) & is picked up (weekly, on Mondays AM)

  • Maintenance between Guests (Cleaning & Spa)

  • Packages (deliveries for the Home and Guests)

  • General Security of Home and Guests (i.e. no unexpected visitors)

  • Max Number of Guests allowed Rules are followed

  • Max Number of Pets allowed Rules are followed 

  • House Rules (re: trash, visitors, etc) are respected 





All pools are open without reservation UNLESS you want to do laps, in which case you will need to make a reservation for your own lane, using this Link:


    PASSES: Passes are required for parking at the Recreation Centers and along the private roads at designated locations throughout The Sea Ranch. 2 passes and 1 CarTag are provided. The hangtag (hard copy) must be displayed by attaching to the interior rearview mirror of your vehicle. Located hanging next to the entry door, these passes are afixed with Apple AirTags to track them (and mitigate guests making off with them by mistake). You do not need a pass in your car when using the Beach Access parking lots (as these are Public) but everywhere else in Sea Ranch, including the Recreation Center you must have the Car Tag hanging from your mirror. The 2 passes are also required and to gain entry to the Rec Centers.


PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT BACK OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED $25 FEE TO REPLACE per Tag/Pass as well as an additional $25 FEE TO REPLACE Air Tag.  Thank you.  



  • Moonraker Pool: 9AM till closing​ | Del Mar: 1:00PM till closing | Ohlson: 1:30PM till closing





There are EV Chargers located at the following locations


  • Sea Ranch Lodge (5 mins south from home)

  • Sea Ranch Supply Hardware (5 mins from home on Annapolis Rd)

  • Timber Cove (20 mins south from home on Hwy 1)





Just a gentle reminder to remember to 

1. Return any rec passes and parking tag by the door entrance where you found them

2. Put out all trash and recycling into respective bins in wooden enclosure

3. Turn off all heat and lights and close all windows (curtains: cleaners can do).

4. Drive safe!

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